How I Use YouTube as a Digital Minimalist

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash


My goal is to only consume content that adds value to my life. It doesn’t necessarily have to teach me something, but if I’m watching something just as entertainment, I don’t want it to make me feel bad about myself or negatively influence my behavior. Furthermore, as I learned at the start of the pandemic, over-consumption can be detrimental to me, causing me to feel lazy and unworthy.


Making vlogs is an art form for me. Being creative and documenting my life is a joyful experience for me and not something I want to give up. However, there have been periods in which I have struggled with this hobby.



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Natalie Hawley

Natalie Hawley

I write about the relationship between food and culture in the places I visit as well as general musings about living a better life. |